Bloopers – The Emotional Overdraft Audiobook

Over the past few months, I’ve spent about 30 hours recording The Emotional Overdraft audiobook. Needless to say, I’ve never recorded a book before, and as part of the process, my audiobook editor provided me with a simple handheld clicker. Every time I made a mistake, wanted to rerecord a sentence, or was rudely interrupted, […]

Advice: Five Steps to a Better Life

5 ways to live a better life

I often come across nuggets of wisdom, but sometimes the most simple advice is the stuff that sticks. I was reminded this week of an end-of-term letter by Richard Cairns, the head at my old school in Brighton. The advice was around some research from Oxford University on 5 ways to live a better life. […]

Flapping like a plastic bag in the wind

Not long ago I received a somewhat frantic text from a client. ‘I really need to chat’. I jumped on Zoom with him and his second in command, and as soon as you could say ‘audio connected’, he began to rattle off his concerns. ‘Work is slipping!’, he raged, ‘mistakes are being made!’, ‘the team […]