What you choose to focus on, will grow. Attention is powerful.

What you choose to focus on, will grow. Attention is powerful.

The power of focus cannot be overstated. The idea that “what you choose to focus on will grow” is much more than just a motivational, cheesy slogan; it’s rooted in the very fabric of how our brains operate. Our brains are incredibly adept at supporting and amplifying whatever we pay attention to, be it love, worry, self-doubt, or anxiety. This neural tendency is why focusing on our wishes and fears has such a profound impact on our lives.

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The beauty of this principle lies in its simplicity and universality. By consciously choosing to focus on positive aspects of life, we can rewire our brains to support healthier, more fulfilling thought patterns. This doesn’t mean ignoring real challenges or pretending problems don’t exist. Instead, it’s about acknowledging those difficulties while intentionally cultivating positive emotions and thoughts.

When you consistently focus on positive emotions like love and gratitude, your brain strengthens these neural pathways. This practice leads to an enhanced sense of wellbeing and happiness. For instance, taking a few moments each day to reflect on what you’re grateful for can gradually shift your perspective, making you more resilient and optimistic.

Conversely, dwelling on negative emotions like worry and self-doubt can create a vicious cycle. When you constantly ruminate on fears and anxieties, your brain reinforces these thought patterns, making them more ingrained and harder to break free from. This focus on negativity can lead to heightened stress and a diminished quality of life.

In essence, our attention is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to managing our emotional overdraft. 



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