How Leaders Can Stop Working Weekends – Fast Company

Andy speaks to Fast Company in an article published last week on ‘How leaders can Stop Working Weekends’. — A recent Harvard Business School study found that CEOs work an average of 62.5 hours a week, with 79% working weekends. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics recently mandated a six-day workweek for leaders, to “inject a sense of crisis” after […]

My Favourite Failure – Andy Brown on Secret Leaders Podcast

When Secret Leader’s podcast host Dan Murray-Serter told me that I’d need to prep one of my biggest failures to share with the world, I’ll be honest and say I almost backed out. Almost. It remains – for me – a very vulnerable 14 minute share around a time when things were not good. So […]

5 Harmful Myths about Leadership – SME Magazine

Leaders often subsidise their business success at the cost of their own physical or mental wellbeing, This leads to stress, overwhelm and burnout. It’s a crisis for business leaders everywhere. Here are some leadership myths that might be pushing you into your emotional overdraft, and what you can do about it… READ THE FULL ARTICLE

‘The 5 Signs you Might be a Workaholic’ – The Daily Mail

Andy raised awareness of the negative effects of workaholism and its impact on emotional overdraft in the Daily Mail. In the article, Andy talks about five key signs that individuals might be a (self proclaimed or otherwise) workaholic, along with eight ways of combating the problem to make sure they can live life with more balance. […]

Andy Talks about Leadership Burnout on BBC News

Andy appeared on BBC News talking about leadership burnout and emotional overdraft following a report published recently showing that a quarter of leaders globally feel burnt out often or always. WATCH THE SEGMENT AT 22.15

How to Reduce Your Emotional Overdraft – We are the City

If you’ve ever found yourself consistently working late, anxious, picking up tasks not meant for you to save time or money, deprioritising your physical wellness or missing out on social occasions with family or friends then you’ve likely been dipping into your emotional overdraft. Whilst it’s normal to occasionally dip into your emotional overdraft, being permanently overdrawn […]