“For A Leader” by J. O’Donohue

May you have the grace and wisdomTo act kindly, learningTo distinguish between what isPersonal and what is notMay you be hospitable to criticismMay you never put yourself at the center of thingsMay you act not from arrogance but out of serviceMay you work on yourselfBuilding up and refining the ways of your mindMay those who […]

Sarah’s Story. Is there an invisible line in your P&L statement?

Take a look at your own business. Could there be a hidden cost line in your P&L? One that represents the personal price you paid when you took on the client work yourself? When you knew you needed that new hire but decided to put extra pressure on existing teams instead? 

Set up red team. Here’s why…

The Concept of a ‘red team’ is essentially a group tasked with a singular, intriguing mission: to design a hypothetical competitor capable of outperforming or even obliterating the current organisation.

Side with the person, not the problem. Three pivot types of feedback and how to deliver them

Anyone who knows me will also know I’m passionate about the potential delivering feedback has for enhancing personal growth and building a culture of continuous improvement. When you approach feedback with empathy and a deliberate, constructive mindset, enabling individuals and teams to thrive in challenging environments becomes second nature, and it can work wonders. Recently […]

Consistent Leadership. Aim to be a leader characterised by integrity.

In leadership roles, maintaining consistency across your intentions, speech, and actions is crucial. I loved the image below, shared by Brian Bacon on LinkedIn, highlighting the need to let integrity and consistency be the foundation of your influential power. Integrity stands as a stark contrast to duplicity, embodying the alignment between what you intend, say, […]

Watch: The Chinese Farmer Story

Good news? Bad news? who knows? I love this Chinese Farmer story, a perfect example of a rolling reframe. Not blind optimism or being unrealistic – just a knowledge that what seems to be real today might not be tomorrow. A great watch.

Audio: Red Friday – business leaders face peak ‘emotional overdraft’ 

Business owners and leaders are facing their toughest month of the year with a maxed out “emotional overdraft” according to leadership coach and author, Andy Brown. On top of the post-Christmas financial strain we all face, entrepreneurs are grappling with demanding clients in a hurry to catch up after the holiday, reduced capacity, peak staff […]