Core Requirements: The Edge of Tactical and Technical Proficiency

Leaders often hear about the importance of being visionary, charismatic, and inspiring. While these traits are valuable, they must be built on a solid foundation of tactical and technical proficiency. Before anything else, you need to be mentally, tactically, and technically proficient. Without this core foundation, everything else is pointless. The idea of being “fit […]

How to Spot if You’re Overworking

I was recently asked by a client, “How can I tell when working hard turns into overworking? What are the signs?”. I’ve seen countless leaders struggle with this challenge – myself included – attempting to balance the fine line between healthy ambition and overwork. And time and again I’ve seen the scales tip into the […]

Happiness is fleeting. Search for fulfilment instead.

I loved this article from boosst on the pursuit of fulfilment rather than happiness. Such a lovely idea that can really help to manage emotional overdraft too. It inspired me to give the two a little more thought. Happiness is often a fleeting state of pleasure, sparked by moments like enjoying a meal or laughing […]

Leadership, more than just ‘telling people what to do’

I saw this image on pm.leadership on Instagram and it got me thinking about another great article on what leadership really means by Otti Vogt on Medium: “The leader who points the finger is not a hero, because you’re not looking at him or her, and neither at their finger, you’re not trying to be […]

The bit between your teeth. 

“There’s no point in me having the bit between my teeth for the other person, I need to be passed to them.” This quote, from Derek Clark, a well-known swimming coach, got me thinking.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised this statement carries an important lesson for leaders (me included!). How […]

Children and their curious questions – a lesson for leaders

As a child, I was profoundly influenced by Carl Sagan. His book Cosmos was a constant companion, full of incredible ideas. Sagan, more than just an astronomer, was a philosopher who understood the importance of wonder and curiosity, especially in children. This short video – and the extra excerpt from Carl below it is an incredibly valuable […]

The Silent Pandemic: Burnout 

I hungrily demolish articles (often written by those much more clever than myself) on the impact living in an emotional overdraft has on business leaders. I loved this article on LinkedIn from Chen Hascalovitz, a PhD candidate in Population Health, who is brilliant at addressing the complex challenges at the intersection of economic policy and mental […]

The CIA Guide to Sabotaging Meetings: Timeless Tips for Tormenting Your Team

Who knew that the CIA—or rather, its predecessor, the OSS—could dish out meeting advice that remains hilariously spot-on today? Shared with me by Jesse Morgan (thanks Jesse!), this 1944 guide, intended to help Axis sympathisers disrupt enemy operations, could just as easily apply to modern corporate life. Think of it as the OG playbook for office sabotage.

The 20% Rule: Reclaim your time and energy

I recently took on a PA (Hello brilliant JJ!). Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken about her involvement going forward with my clients and other people in my life. The reaction has been interesting.

High Performance Anxiety – Five Signs of Functional Freeze

Functional freeze is particularly prevalent among those with high-functioning anxiety. These individuals often seem calm and efficient but are battling significant internal stress. Here are five signs that you, or someone you know, might be experiencing functional freeze