“For A Leader” by J. O’Donohue

May you have the grace and wisdomTo act kindly, learningTo distinguish between what isPersonal and what is notMay you be hospitable to criticismMay you never put yourself at the center of thingsMay you act not from arrogance but out of serviceMay you work on yourselfBuilding up and refining the ways of your mindMay those who […]

Set up red team. Here’s why…

The Concept of a ‘red team’ is essentially a group tasked with a singular, intriguing mission: to design a hypothetical competitor capable of outperforming or even obliterating the current organisation.

The Meeting Effectiveness Diary – an exercise

I’m stating the obvious when I say that most leaders and founders find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of meetings crowding their schedules. Often hitting ‘accept’ simply because that chunk of time isn’t currently filled with something else. And yet, time is our most precious commodity, bar none. Are you attending because you don’t […]

When ‘helping out’ isn’t helpful – insights for leaders

The language we use and the strategies we adopt hold significant weight for how effectively things get done. Never more so than when asking team members to ‘help you out’ on something that falls outside their usual scope of responsibility. Whilst writing The Emotional Overdraft and speaking to hundreds of leaders and founders about their […]

Flapping like a plastic bag in the wind

Not long ago I received a somewhat frantic text from a client. ‘I really need to chat’. I jumped on Zoom with him and his second in command, and as soon as you could say ‘audio connected’, he began to rattle off his concerns. ‘Work is slipping!’, he raged, ‘mistakes are being made!’, ‘the team […]

Trust is a truly virtuous circle

Trusting people (or not trusting them as the case may be) is a common trait among leaders. Often to do with assuming people can’t perform tasks competently without them, a lack of trust leads to constantly worrying about whether work is being done to your standards, juggling too many balls, working late every night, and […]