“For A Leader” by J. O’Donohue

May you have the grace and wisdomTo act kindly, learningTo distinguish between what isPersonal and what is notMay you be hospitable to criticismMay you never put yourself at the center of thingsMay you act not from arrogance but out of serviceMay you work on yourselfBuilding up and refining the ways of your mindMay those who […]

What if you were the only person left on Earth?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Drive to Abundance (@drivetoabundance) What is you woke up one day and you were the only person left on Earth? What would you change?  It’s amazing how much we acquire and want only to impress other people.  A fantastic thought from Derren Brown, and one that […]

Sarah’s Story. Is there an invisible line in your P&L statement?

Take a look at your own business. Could there be a hidden cost line in your P&L? One that represents the personal price you paid when you took on the client work yourself? When you knew you needed that new hire but decided to put extra pressure on existing teams instead? 

Bloopers – The Emotional Overdraft Audiobook

Over the past few months, I’ve spent about 30 hours recording The Emotional Overdraft audiobook. Needless to say, I’ve never recorded a book before, and as part of the process, my audiobook editor provided me with a simple handheld clicker. Every time I made a mistake, wanted to rerecord a sentence, or was rudely interrupted, […]

Set up red team. Here’s why…

The Concept of a ‘red team’ is essentially a group tasked with a singular, intriguing mission: to design a hypothetical competitor capable of outperforming or even obliterating the current organisation.