How to Spot if You’re Overworking

I was recently asked by a client, “How can I tell when working hard turns into overworking? What are the signs?”. I’ve seen countless leaders struggle with this challenge – myself included – attempting to balance the fine line between healthy ambition and overwork. And time and again I’ve seen the scales tip into the […]

The bit between your teeth. 

“There’s no point in me having the bit between my teeth for the other person, I need to be passed to them.” This quote, from Derek Clark, a well-known swimming coach, got me thinking.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised this statement carries an important lesson for leaders (me included!). How […]

The Silent Pandemic: Burnout 

I hungrily demolish articles (often written by those much more clever than myself) on the impact living in an emotional overdraft has on business leaders. I loved this article on LinkedIn from Chen Hascalovitz, a PhD candidate in Population Health, who is brilliant at addressing the complex challenges at the intersection of economic policy and mental […]

The 20% Rule: Reclaim your time and energy

I recently took on a PA (Hello brilliant JJ!). Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken about her involvement going forward with my clients and other people in my life. The reaction has been interesting.

High Performance Anxiety – Five Signs of Functional Freeze

Functional freeze is particularly prevalent among those with high-functioning anxiety. These individuals often seem calm and efficient but are battling significant internal stress. Here are five signs that you, or someone you know, might be experiencing functional freeze

The Blessing and Curse of Resilience

A simple reminder on resilience. Two things can be true:  When leaders constantly operate in an emotionally overdrawn state, the cost is their resilience, risk of burnout, and diminished effectiveness. Changing the systems that require resilience Rather than focusing solely on building resilience, there’s a need to change the systems that demand it. Leaders often find […]

Sarah’s Story. Is there an invisible line in your P&L statement?

Take a look at your own business. Could there be a hidden cost line in your P&L? One that represents the personal price you paid when you took on the client work yourself? When you knew you needed that new hire but decided to put extra pressure on existing teams instead? 

The Meeting Effectiveness Diary – an exercise

I’m stating the obvious when I say that most leaders and founders find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of meetings crowding their schedules. Often hitting ‘accept’ simply because that chunk of time isn’t currently filled with something else. And yet, time is our most precious commodity, bar none. Are you attending because you don’t […]