The bit between your teeth. 

“There’s no point in me having the bit between my teeth for the other person, I need to be passed to them.” This quote, from Derek Clark, a well-known swimming coach, got me thinking.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised this statement carries an important lesson for leaders (me included!). How […]

The Silent Pandemic: Burnout 

I hungrily demolish articles (often written by those much more clever than myself) on the impact living in an emotional overdraft has on business leaders. I loved this article on LinkedIn from Chen Hascalovitz, a PhD candidate in Population Health, who is brilliant at addressing the complex challenges at the intersection of economic policy and mental […]

The 20% Rule: Reclaim your time and energy

I recently took on a PA (Hello brilliant JJ!). Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken about her involvement going forward with my clients and other people in my life. The reaction has been interesting.


Women face mansplaining 312 times a year at work. We can all take note from the cringeworthy viral video where a female PGA Professional was given some unwanted advice at a driving range. For context, this is Georgia Bell, an elite PGA golfer, and the man giving advice has “played for 20 years.” It encapsulates […]

Side with the person, not the problem. Three pivot types of feedback and how to deliver them

Anyone who knows me will also know I’m passionate about the potential delivering feedback has for enhancing personal growth and building a culture of continuous improvement. When you approach feedback with empathy and a deliberate, constructive mindset, enabling individuals and teams to thrive in challenging environments becomes second nature, and it can work wonders. Recently […]