Bloopers – The Emotional Overdraft Audiobook

Bloopers – The Emotional Overdraft Audiobook

Over the past few months, I’ve spent about 30 hours recording The Emotional Overdraft audiobook. Needless to say, I’ve never recorded a book before, and as part of the process, my audiobook editor provided me with a simple handheld clicker. Every time I made a mistake, wanted to rerecord a sentence, or was rudely interrupted, I had to click it to signal a ‘stop’.

The listening length of The Emotional Overdraft is just over 5 hours long. It’s early so I’ll do the maths for you… that leaves a surplus of roughly 25 hours.

Made up mostly of ummms, errrrs, rerecords, apologies and balls ups.

The Emotional Overdraft Audiobook is out today, and it sounds pretty damn good. But I wanted to share a mashup of the reality behind the finished product. You’ll need your sound on. Enjoy my anguish!

If you’d like to download the audiobook version, it would make the rather painful process much more worthwhile. You can get it, here.


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