The Seven Summits of My Neighborhood – Make Your Own Adventure

The Seven Summits of My Neighborhood – Make Your Own Adventure

I absolutely love this video from Brendan Leonard, entitled The Seven Summits of My Neighborhood.

Brendan loves adventures, but not spending money. So he looked to his backyard of Missoula, to climb his own local version of the infamous Seven Summits.

Image from Strava

“When I decided to attempt climbing the ‘Seven Summits of my neighborhood,’ I thought it would be fun to do a short film about it. I mean, no one’s going to repeat them, but maybe documenting it would help somebody dream up their own kooky quest.”

Brendan says, “Maybe you dream of traveling the world and a life of adventure. I do too. But, hear me out: What about traveling within a 20-mile radius of your house and a life of adventure?”

This is one of the most satisfying watches, and such a brilliant way to reframe the perceived cost of ‘real adventure’. It has also sparked a wave of people doing their very own ‘7 Summits of MY neighbourhood’. What an unbelievable way to create your own adventure, get outside and reduce your emotional overdraft in the process.

Love it.



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