The Silent Pandemic: Burnout 

I hungrily demolish articles (often written by those much more clever than myself) on the impact living in an emotional overdraft has on business leaders. I loved this article on LinkedIn from Chen Hascalovitz, a PhD candidate in Population Health, who is brilliant at addressing the complex challenges at the intersection of economic policy and mental […]

The 20% Rule: Reclaim your time and energy

I recently took on a PA (Hello brilliant JJ!). Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken about her involvement going forward with my clients and other people in my life. The reaction has been interesting.

10 Signs You’re Addicted to Stress

There’s a difference between occasionally feeling stressed and being addicted to stress. Growing up in a chaotic environment, where stress and instability are the norm, or spending a significant amount of time in highly stressful work/home environments can condition your body to crave the chemicals released during stress. As adults, we may not even realise we’re addicted to this survival mode. Here are ten signs that you’re addicted to stress:

Flapping like a plastic bag in the wind

Not long ago I received a somewhat frantic text from a client. ‘I really need to chat’. I jumped on Zoom with him and his second in command, and as soon as you could say ‘audio connected’, he began to rattle off his concerns. ‘Work is slipping!’, he raged, ‘mistakes are being made!’, ‘the team […]